The ProBuoy KANNON

Your Complete Buoy Management System




- The ProBuoy KANNON is the missing piece to your fishing arsenal. The old school buoy is now reborn to bring you a completely contained Buoy Management system!


Drive 85mph on the water, hit the biggest waves mother nature has to offer, use it in salt or fresh water! You will never have to think about the Buoy. It will always be safely contained within the ProBuoy KANNON System, right there and ready when you need it most! 


PATENT PENDING # 62/032,153

There is nothing else like it on the planet! 

  • Hands Free Buoy Deployment! - When you get your first strike and your busy landing your fish you no longer need to reach for a Buoy. Simply depress the foot button and the ProBuoy KANNON System does the rest! Don't loose a fish or miss the opportunity to mark your spot again! 

  • Fully Contained Buoy Housing and Launch Mechanism!

  • Spring Launch Mechanism! - Buoy Deployment cant get any easier. Just press the foot pedal when you get a bite and the Buoy is launched approximately 3ft from the boat every time.

  • Buoy Management Indicator Lights! - When you are done fishing and ready to move on you will be looking right past your ProBuoy and if the lights are Blue you know a Buoy is still in the water. If the lights are Green, you are good to go! This will be a big help so you don't leave another Buoy behind.

  • Multiple Mounting Options! Bolt the ProBuoy KANNON System Directly to the Boat, or mount the device using a RAM mount for maximum flexibility.




For maximum flexibility the ProBuoy KANNON System will be compatible with RAM mount plate RAM-111B and it is recommended to use the 1.5 inch ball mounting base. 

*Prototype device shown. Production devices may vary from this prototype as the design is still in process.

*Prototype device shown. Production devices will be as shown in the CAD model depictions.

*Prototype device shown. Production devices will be as shown in the CAD model depictions.


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