The new standard in marker buoy performance!



The ProBuoy has been designed for maximum performance and greatly improved reliability compared to the traditional marker buoy.


PATENT PENDING # 62/032,153


The ProBuoy is not just another Buoy! It contains several features to solve the common problems we have encountered with marker buoys:


• No Leaks! - The ProBuoy is foam filled so your buoy never sinks.


• No Line Wedge! - The ProBuoy uses high strength braided fishing line designed to prevent line wedge in your reels, and it works even better on a Buoy.


• Consistent Deployment! – The ProBuoy weight is designed to drop out smoothly. When used with our ProBuoy Mount the weight will never end up landing on top of the Buoy and floating away.


• Easy Grip! - The ProBuoy has features built right into it to make it easy to grip and handle while you are wrapping the line.


• Integrated Breakaway Swivel – The Integrated Breakaway swivel helps eliminate line twist and provides a natural weak point in the system so that if your weight gets snagged in debris you can break it away without losing all of your ProBuoy line.


• No Lead! – The ProBuoy weight is made of plated steel so losing a weight will not add toxic lead in the lake and the issue of the old lead weight floating away with the buoy is eliminated!


• Compatibility! – The ProBuoy is compatible with the ProBuoy Mount and Future ProBuoy KANNON Systems.




What's Included:

  • 1 x ProBuoy

  • 50ft - Wedge resistant Line& Swivel

  • 1 x OptiCast DD Weight

  • 1 x Weight Strap


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