The ProBuoy Mount

The Latest Buoy Management System!


The ProBuoy Mount, M-1, is a magnetic mounting base designed for use with the ProBuoy. 

















Simply install it on your boat, load up a ProBuoy and you are ready to fish. The magnets hold 9lb each to retain the Buoy while driving the boat around; when you catch that first fish simply kick the ProBuoy in the water to mark the spot with pinpoint precision. When you are ready to leave, a quick glance at the device will let you know if your ProBuoy is still in the water so you never leave a Buoy behind. 


The ProBuoy M-1 can be attached with double sided tape, bolted directly to the boat, or for maximum adjustability mounted to the M-1 RAM base.




















                                      ProBuoy M-1 and RAM Base


When you are trailering the boat without the cover or using the system in high waves simply slip on the elastic strap to help ensure it stays in place. 















You will typically keep your main ProBuoy and M-1 in the bow of the boat or at the tiller, depending on how you fish, then a second ProBuoy mounted at the console to toss out when you are graphing weeds and structure. 

















You may also keep a ProBuoy in the back of the boat so your co-angler has access for quick deployment as well, and one of our favorite uses is storage. You may simply want to store a few extra Buoys by positioning the M-1 under storage lids or on compartment walls. No more tangled buoy messes in your compartments, the M-1 mount ensures the buoy is ready to use. 


Upgrade to the ProBuoy KANNON in the future?  THATS GREAT, NO PROBLEM! The ProBuoy Mount can be used to store extra ProBuoys on your boat.


PATENT PENDING # 62/032,153


  • Hands Free Buoy Deployment!  When you get a bite simply kick the buoy off of the ProBuoy Mount for a quick release when you need it!

  • Dual Magnetic Buoy Containment! When you are out on the water rest assured that the Buoy will stay in place with our two rare earth magnets!

  • Multiple mounting options! The ProBuoy Mount can be installed simply by using the double sided adhesive tape and stick directly to the boat, screwed directly to the boat, or if you require it to be removable it can be mounted to a standard RAM mount base such that it can be removed when the boat cover is installed.




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