Step up your Tungsten Flipping game with Glow!


When fishing stained, muddy, or dark water;  down deep where the sun doesn't penetrate, shaded docs, or under mats where those big fish hide out you need those fish to see your bait in order for them to eat it. Our glow tungsten weights offer a great solution to provide that extra edge when you need that spark to get the strike. 


Fishing out in the sun will charge the glow and on every cast when you flip it back into the dark water the glow will show the bait to the fish offering you that extra edge over the competition! 


Optimize Every Cast and Win with an OptiCast Glow Tungsten Flipping Weight! 

GT - Tungsten Glow Flipping Weights

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We're preparing for the 2019 season with a new line of tungsten swim jigs and bladed jigs coming your way! 

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