The all new scented metal OptiCast Scent Fusion Spoon is designed to bring the fish to you! Even if you loose your bait! This bait includes a shad scent infused directly into the pours of this specially designed metal. An amazing 20% of the volume of this bait is actually the scent. 


When we need that extra edge to draw in those finicky fish and convince them to bite, the Scent Fusion Spoon is our go to bait! Simply Jig the spoon creating flash and flicker with the attached 00 flicker Colorado blade, then when you get a fish in your area slow down your presentation and let the scent do the work. The fish love it and you will too after seeing how the fish react! 


Use the 1/8 oz for panfish, crappie, and light biting walleye and use the larger 1/4 oz size for walleye, pike, trout, bass, and more! 

Scent Fusion Spoons

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    We're preparing for the 2019 season with a new line of tungsten swim jigs and bladed jigs coming your way! 

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